Scripts & Dialogues - Miscellaneous

  • God knows what is happening what has happened what is going to happen and what would happen if what was going to happen did not happen
  • It’s a logical common sense approach
  • You really do have more options than you think
  • That may be an option but…
  • That would be one of the good ideas
  • Which of those options do you like best
  • Therefore means on the basis of what I just got through saying
  • that is fascinating
  • we have been told
  • that is not against license rule
  • i brought you to a place you have never been before
  • next time try this...
  • fine tune it
  • what we found is...
  • we could do that but...
  • in all good means
  • I really wish it was that easy
  • It is what it is and I wish that it wasn't
  • Having dealt with this number of transactions and helping this many families over the years we have dealt with a myriad of different issues and problems which many others have not thus not having the experience to do so
  • Tie the credibility and the motivation to the benefit 
  • Everybody wants to hear the truth until they actually do
  • My past history of success is a really good indication of how we are going to do
  • A long history of being surrounded by very good people
  • I'm on Team (name of client) not Team (buyer/seller)
  • Unlikely outcomes are not be definition impossible
  • Consumers today are more sophisticated and demanding than ever before
  • Very often email is misconstrued
  • That adds a different layer of complexity
  • I’m working to curtail that
  • As we navigate through the process I’ll probably be better equipped to answer that
  • I’m going to have to be direct because we don’t have much time
  • There is a cost to convenience
  • Unlikely outcomes are not by definition impossible
  • Inspiration is required for commitment
  • Without context data is just numbers
  • This is what I’m saying and this is why I’m saying it. What do you think
  • My aim in life is to please people to the fullest
  • if you could describe for me please
  • my experience with people is
  • out of curiosity
  • I'm really going to enjoy it when
  • i came here today to make a case for progress
  • that is an important idea to accelerate
  • i am calling to reference my precense
  • that strikes to the core of
  • We could do that but what we found is
  • It’s been my experience that everyone benefiting should be present
  • The benefits of my system are greater than the benefits of the person
  • My best judgement as an observer is
  • Let’s do it away from here where we have the time to give it our full attention
  • The huge benefit to you is
  • You might find that information helpful
  • I will leave my pen and contract in the truck
  • All I ask is…
  • Should you decide…
  • We’re not going to go all the way on this
  • The elevator version of what I’ve learned is…
  • How important is it to you that…
  • This is a frictionless way to try us out and make sure we do what we say we will
  • The reason for that in my opinion and experience is…
  • That is a good medium to see how the market reacts
  • 5 things we do that are important and really cannot be replaced a) frequency, b) uniqueness, c) size, d)complexity, e) risk
  • Every transaction is one of a kind and it takes a human to navigate it
  • In an ideal situation
  • If I’m not doing a great job I invite you to cancel our agreement
  • Thank you for the business. I greatly appreciate it
  • If you could imagine an ideal process…
  • I believe that is a good way forward
  • We help people buy or sell the place they call home
  • My aim in life is to please people to the fullest
  • We can offer you a wide array of options
  • To what are you saying no to
  • one last clarifying question
  • The only thing we would like your help with is
  • That means to say
  • You are working in the best interest of your buyer and I am working in the best interest of my seller and the best interest of both parties is to work diligently to see if we can put something together that makes all parties happy
  • we make it easier and remove discretion at the operator level
  • the fee will not be the issue
  • we value that very highly
  • i can say that with absolute faith and total commitment
  • i'll unpack that with a couple of answers for you
  • perhaps your insights can help provide some clarity to that situation
  • that is a reasonable assumption
  • those are all pretty good generalizations. give me one specific idea
  • I've got a sense there is a little bit more going on here and I really want to do a good job in providing you with the right information to help you receive the result
  • My intent is to make you a client tonight provide such amazing service that you become a lifetime client and then provide such amazing value that you become a raving fan. Will you allow that.
  • My intention is not to sell your home tonight but to make you a client tonight
  • this benefits presentation is an orientation to you in the implementation of the solution
  • I agree. This is a lot to think about
  • All that being said
  • it is important for us to consider all possibilities
  • we will stand for your interests without compromise
  • that would definitely give you some leverage
  • That is an artificial representation of the marketplace
  • how did you come to that conclusion
  • that way it ends up that we are all in unison relating to this decision
  • In an ideal situation
  • My obligation is to the sellers I represent and my clients fully expect that
  • If I’m not doing a great job I invite you to cancel our agreement
  • Thank you for the business. I greatly appreciate it
  • If you could imagine an ideal process…
  • I believe that is a good way forward
  • We help people buy or sell the place they call home
  • Make it non refundable and non deductible from the purchase price.The deposit that is
  • Certain qualifiers apply
  • In any event…
  • For your best convenience…
  • They are the best one to help you with that information. Is it ok if I ask them to call you back
  • This is a small fee we change to help offset the cost of all the extra services we provide
  • Based on my own experiences
  • So that we can do the best job for you…
  • This is a zero commitment conversation
  • Just to elaborate on that…
  • You bring up a very good point
  • Collaborative software
  • Professional solutions management fee vs transaction fee
  • In the event
  • You’ll be delighted to find
  • I did not have that level of
  • Be that as it may…
  • You are not tied down in a traditional way
  • Obvious evidences of…
  • What I’m learning is…
  • Alongside that…
  • My hesitation would be…
  • Ill timed curiosity
  • Coming to the point
  • That is a very unique categorization
  • What do you like about this
  • You are either serious or you are curious
  • We can accelerate the process
  • I am a benefactor of this
  • To the extent that you can
  • We are required to adapt to the ever evolving technology landscape in order to remain valued and relevant to the consumer
  • How may I assist in the creation of an easier more profitable day for you
  • This is another value proposition to add to what we already offer
  • What amazes me today is…
  • we'd love to be with you and for you on this journey
  • i can most definitely do that
  • please allow me to brighten your perspective on this
  • who would have thunk it,,,clearly some people did
  • this will save you from long term difficulties where the challenge keeps perpetuating itself
  • in the interest of clarity
  • not having the opportunity to participate in that discussion would be a concern
  • that will solve a lot of struggles and eliminate a lot of challenges
  • I will look in to that to see how we can best come to a resolution
  • we will be creative and find a solution
  • are you curious or interested
  • many measures brought together in the most efficient way
  • please allow me to give you some context perspective
  • i cannot relate but I am going to do my best to help
  • your success is my duty
  • that is an irrational amplification of fear
  • let's get back on the lighter side here
  • just to give you a heads up because of the respect we have for each other
  • let's go through it now together and it you have any questions I can help you with them
  • I'm curious on how you process this
  • Buy,reno,rent REPEAT
  • ill timed curiosity
  • Coming to the point
  • That is a very unique categorization
  • My hesitation would be
  • What do you like about this
  • You are either serious or you are curious
  • We can accelerate the process
  • I am a benefactor of this
  • To the extent that you can
  • We are required to adapt to the ever evolving technology landscape in order to remain valued and relevant by the consumer
  • How may I assist in the creation of an easier more profitable day for you
  • This is another value proposition to add to what we already offer
  • What amazes me today is...
  • So we can abide by the seller's wishes
  • I did not have that level of sophistication at the time
  • Demonstrative of my commitment
  • We can do whatever you want however it won't necessarily get you to what you want
  • I applaud you for
  • The one thing I'll ask you while it's fresh in my mind
  • In the interest of time...
  • In keeping with that promise...
  • I'd encourage you to take advantage of that
  • I'm in no rush. Let's take some time and re-read it now...that way if you have any questions I am right here to answer them
  • We are in this together
  • Proven advanced methodology
  • I'm not leaving here until you ask me to do so without an agreement
  • Very thoughtful and much appreciated but not necessary
  • Please first allow us to sit down and find out why I am here
  • I mean that with all affection and sincerity
  • I'm not sure what Betty Sue does but this is what we do
  • I'm not sure what Betty Sue does but I brought along with me the stats. Let's take a look
  • Markets are different but buyers and sellers want the same thing. Sellers want buyers and buyers want houses
  • To my knowledge...I'm not sure
  • On the contrary...
  • We do a much more effective job for someone who has hired us vs someone hasn't
  • It's such an advantage when
  • You can leverage one or the other of the conditions for the other
  • I work for people to obtain experience through leveraged earnings
  • In my experience
  • People that I've worked with in the past
  • Now that you've mentioned that...
  • That's exactly what I was planning on doing
  • We specialize in problem solving
  • I know this is a complete detour but
  • It's counter intuitive
  • I know this is a leap of faith
  • Personal Solutions architect
  • Vigilant about pricing
  • We offer a blanket insurance policy for one year
  • Re-introduce the motivation - tie it to what you offer - and ask them to move forward
  • price conveys information
  • that is for you to decide not for me to tell you
  • I genuinely don't know
  • quite demonstrably
  • may I ask one indulgence
  • I have to hold you accountable to that
  • Make of it what you will
  • the true information is contrary to that
  • staggeringly
  • that is astonishing
  • I have felt feelings that are similar to yours
  • in the intervening period since then
  • let's not forget before we do
  • those words really reverberated with me
  • my sense is
  • what I have landed on is
  • I hear you. I am for you. I am here to serve you.
  • We are likely going to see downward pressure on prices if inventory skyrockets
  • Feel. Felt. Found. I understand how you feel. Others have felt the same way. What we have found is.
  • who do you know considering making a move that you cannrefer to me
  • you may be looking at this through a singular lens
  • my deep yearning longing heart's desire is
  • if I. Will you.
  • I can say that reliably
  • statistics might suggest that I know a little bit about what I am saying
  • there is an alignment of interest
  • I will treasure the kind words directed my way
  • the only reason they have economists around to make predictions is to make astrologers look reputable
  • your job is to ask. my job is to answer
  • I will not disparage him in any capacity
  • during these unpredictable times
  • when they share feedback on the previous Realtors they worked with stay quiet and listen to what they say so during your presentation you can tell them all the things you do to help them that the other Realtor did not
  • a good agent has access to things you may or may not have ever heard of
  • i'm not here to brag. Just to tell you the facts around the story
  • we will design a specific solution to meet your needs
  • the vast majority of my business is
  • this door closed for another one to open
  • Not to invalidate in any way what you are saying
  • that is very considerate of you
  • there is a deficiency with disclosure
  • sorry that I spoke over you
  • these are predictive analytics
  • I don't want to impose
  • you may not be aware of the extra value we provide
  • one thing I want to draw your attention to is
  • fix it is my friend
  • clean drinking water and sanitation stations
  • that is a reactionary defense response
  • oh really. where did you hear that. I've got different information. I'd like to learn more
  • I've received that type of response in the past and what we found is
  • let's not forget about the home over the hill and through the trees
  • we will solve their biggest dilemma which is having to sell their home to buy yours by guaranteeing up front and in writing to buy theirs
  • Price is a function of supply and demand therefore it only makes sense that the Realtor who generates the most demand will bring the highest price
  • were you planning to select the Realtor based on the price they quoted you
  • Have you seen enough now to make an informed decision on doing business with us assuming we can come to an agreement on price and terms
  • Betty Sue does an amazing job with her clients. Please may I share with you what we've done and what we've built to help our clients receive a wonderful result
  • so sorry. I did not hear your name clearly. May you please help me with the spelling
  • doing all the work does not equate to good service
  • there is likely to be an element of disappointment going down that path
  • I don't perceive any challenges with the financing
  • One of the key things I have learned being in the business for as long as I have is
  • My fee is commensurate with the value I bring to the table
  • Do you want someone aggressive managing your largest asset or someone who folds like a prom dress
  • Feel free to interrupt me at any time in order to give clarity to everyone else
  • The market place is like a moving carousel
  • may you please provide me with the mandate to help you
  • I know we purposed to do that today
  • I am inviting you to consider
  • I guarantee the sale of my client's homes and if it does not sell I buy it myself
  • I help Realtor's increase their personal income by 300% or more without them having to sacrifice their personal lives to do it
  • She obviously does a good job for people but allow me to share with you what we've done and what we've built to help you
  • you are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts
  • that is a perfectly defensible position
  • I am sorry to have spoken over you
  • think of it as a long term investment of my trust in you
  • I thought that would provoke a different response
  • all points of view can be considered and even contested
  • Regardless of how much technology advances it will likely not replace the Real Estate middle man because as important as Real Estate is to our Society It remains an enigma to most consumers. Between various laws, the plethora of paperwork and Best practices there is a lot that goes in to buying and selling property
  • May you please consider a different position
  • You with your knowledge of Human Nature will easily see the significance of these facts
  • Here are the facts that I trust you will not lose sight of
  • choosing convenience over expertise is costly
  • when and if and I have every reason to believe he will
  • statistics are not predictors
  • I have an opinion but it is not an educated one. May you please help me with this
  • I am not here to resolve your financial situation
  • that is a very curious commonality
  • we have invested some time right now advancing that process
  • the idea of you missing out because we were not prepared may not be the right idea
  • what I'm really concerned about is
  • we are looking to expand our arsenal
  • who + what = why
  • it is important for us to identify oddities
  • it is important for me to do a good job every day in order to keep your business
  • I want you to feel acknowledged
  • it covers all the additional services and programs that I have which is how on average I am able to sell your home for x% more
  • there are predictable indicators
  • educate them on the problem and then irritate them with It followed by illumination with your solution
  • there is a distinction between being aware you want to move deciding to and committing to it
  • and this is why it is important to you
  • what you are seeing today is a small percentage of what we do. What I am offering you today is the entire gamut of services that most others do not have access to
  • I'd be willing to entertain that discussion
  • too much information can sometimes be just the right amount
  • frankly speaking
  • that is both well documented and Long standing
  • the market is telling us that
  • I'm going to ask you to re evaluate our relationship and reconsider this agreement
  • what are your preferred methods of communication
  • Herein I will attempt to demonstrate the complexity of the transaction
  • good things come about when we work together on this
  • This is a really simplistic example
  • Risk Reversal and Risk Removal
  • Guarantee outcome price access and income
  • Every crisis is a trend accelerator
  • the Major Listing Service very often trumps the Multiple Listing Service
  • Demonstration of value and proof of claims Trump words every time
  • we leverage very unique target marketing
  • I encourage you to consider . . . . 
  • I won’t get into every one of them but I will dive deep into a few of them. . . is that ok?
  • Don’t say referee.. . say introduction.
  • school is never out for the pro
  • speak softly
  • smile
  • ask lots of questions like...
  • i can best help you..
  • lets look at how much it has cost us by not coming together previously
  • primary goals is to discover if you can help someone with a problem that they love loving
  • you can get a little bit more after you have agreed on everything
  • after a moment of agreement in the negotiations - for for a little extra
  • people feel good after they have made an initial agreement.  Their minds are working to reinforce the decision that they have just made and are more receptive to any additional suggestions you may have
  • who leads the investor in professional designation, experience, and production while providing real estate services in residential, commercial, referral relocation and asset management
  • capitalize on connections
  • inherit added value
  • trust Jesus Christ as your personal saviour
  • like attracts like
  • financial security
  • observe if you win with great benefit the fact that money comes at the end of the list
  • as a realtor i have discretionary option to adjust my commission in the last minute when negotiations have come to a standstill
  • if you want a rainbow you have to put up with rain
  • we will encourage you by asking questions that will lead you to your own conclusions
  • in the absence of any extraordinary external variables the likelihood is
  • one may run to sell the home or generate several properties to generate multitudes of traffic
  • if any of what you read triggers questions please do not hesitate to reach out
  • Herein I will summarize our arrangement
  • Time invested for mutual gain
  • 31 years derived from a 66 year legacy shows up to all my 5 minute meetings
  • I'm just now gathering all the information
  • when can we get together. I'd like to open a door for you
  • we will honor the price that we execute the contract at
  • I want to set expectations so that it is a valuable experience for you
  • The historical context of the idea is
  • a house has a price but a Home has value
  • 89% will go back to their previous agent and 87% don't
  • my crystal ball stopped working a wee bit of time ago
  • There is an element of society that believes rightly so that Realtors do not offer value
  • allow me please to ask this interpretive question
  • the historical context of the idea is
  • if you are not satisfied you may cancel at any time no questions asked
  • I will continue participating in the solution
  • this is where it gets really cool
  • there are many Realtors out there and when you have no real value to offer the only thing left is cheap
  • I'm going to do this so you can...
  • this comes to you as a function of...
  • allow me please to paint a very real picture
  • we are more than willing to rectify the situation
  • I wouldn't be making any big strides financially on that deal
  • we don't help people buy and sell. we help people elevate their lifestyle. Buying and selling is simply part of the process
  • we think globally and help locally
  • a survey has an outline of the house and setbacks on it while a reference plan does not
  • I am not well versed in these matters
  • that is a wild goose chase of absurdity
  • hire me for one day and look for someone better and I promise you won't
  • that adds another layer of complexity
  • Do you mind my asking for your first name so that I may address you properly
  • I believe it is customary to say thank you
  • are we discussing a problem or a proposition
  • that is a unique part of consumer behavior that is likely to grow over time
  • We have a housing insurance system through CMHC where gains are privatized but risks are socialized
  • I've observed in the past that is a very admirable technique for you
  • Price is what you pay. Value is what you receive.
  • At the risk of repeating myself
  • to what do I award this gift of a call
  • that is likely not going to be a determining factor to deter you away from that
  • Tie in the benefit with the you can
  • My roll is strategy and advocacy of your position
  • This is mostly cosmetic theatre
  • I'm not sure you realize the gravity of your situation
  • I'm asking to understand not to question
  • Now...on the topic of interest
  • The mix of housing easy money and new forms of financing can be combustible
  • Discretionarily determined
  • Strategic colleagues
  • He does not mix words
  • There is a charming aspect about a patient stratification of a municipality
  • we will provide you with a fixed cost closing package that includes a complete virtual closing
  • this is a small charge for the extra services and valuable materials and special people that we put in to place to work for you and with you
  • you said a few things there. The first one I want to agree with is
  • you will then have a point of comparison
  • you are such a collaborative person and I appreciate that
  • I'm not in the best position to answer that question however I can find the answer and be back to you
  • any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation
  • it is interesting to note that full service companies are gaining market share whilst slow service companies are gaining people
  • receive compensation commensurate with my abilities
  • start with a minute and then add a minute on to that one
  • you are getting ready to see something of historical significance
  • it is very much about value creation and not revenue extraction
  • instant audio video and phone information
  • May you please help me to understand the end so that I may start from the beginning
  • if at any point you discern we are not delivering the unique value we have offered you are free to cancel without cost and obligation
  • Don't preoccupy yourself with that
  • Let us continue with the discussion about the solution
  • fight for them to sign an agreement for them
  • that is an amazing transformation
  • it is not your place to tell me what I need it is your place to tell your clients what they need to do
  • what I have just said in this presentation I have put on one piece of paper for you and I am going to sign it and give you a copy of it so that you can hold me to it
  • the offer is open for your consideration until 9pm this evening
  • we don't make the market we interpret the market
  • our flexibility and our creativity is our strategic advantage
  • please indulge me for a moment
  • the 4p's. Process. People. Plans. Propositions
  • Risk removal risk reversal and risk free
  • May you please sign this Disclosure
  • let us please agree to disagree agreeably
  • if I may Counter
  • while practical considerations serve as the foundation for changing homes economic and market changes also play an important role in homeowners decisions
  • You cannot create Desire you can only channel it
  • this is a culmination of 32 years of Business Building
  • I know so little about so much
  • Dynamic Real Time Data
  • the specialist is the one who does not have to make the claim
  • there is an evolutionary process to it
  • A specialist is the one who does not have to make the claim
  • I've been in the results economy my whole working life
  • it is very difficult to provide great service when the service provided is appreciated but not valued
  • I was introduced to you by name only
  • I'm certainly not going to tell you what you should do however I will indicate what I would do if you are interested. Are you?
  • Hello this is Realtor Mario Daniel Sconza
  • Here is my perspective
  • the decision you make today will potentially affect your life by hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • please know I don't want to share this perhaps more than you don't want to hear it
  • That is a very strong word
  • previously loved in lieu of used
  • that is a fascinating question
  • this is fundamental to our responsibility
  • They say everyone know somebody who is either listing a home or buying a home. Do you know anybody like that?
  • If there is a better time to call I would love to do that because this is important.
  • I don't know how to suspect that
  • If you feel comfortable that you will retain full control and confident in the system, are you prepared to…
  • I will leverage my experience while influencing connections and put all of my resources to ensure you perform the task required.
  • I’m not sure. Let me get back to you.
  • It sounds like we’ve got a situation on our hands 
  • My best guess is…
  • have an idea to share with you…
  • I have some great news for you
  • I have an important update I want to talk to you about.
  • I have something I need to go over with you
  • Let’s consider doing this
  • May I share something with you
  • Lots of folks feel that way too
  • Interesting.. I’m curious…
  • Can you please tell me more about that…
  • Here is what my customers tell me they really like…
  • May I take a couple of moment now please…
  • So… You’re not interested
  • That is an exceptionally valid point
  • The advice I am giving you is to protect you. That is my job.
  • Interesting. What happened?
  • How do you mean?
  • Why do you say that?
  • Let me ask you. Why do you ask?
  • What’s important to you about…?
  • How do you feel about that?
  • Help me understand what you mean
  • What specifically causes you to believe…?
  • Why would you want to do that?
  • Knowing vs Not Knowing. Having a plan vs being stagnant. Moving on with your vision vs holding it up. Convenience vs Inconvenience
  • Accumulative evidence to support your position
  • Subject to performance contingencies which gives them a way out 
  • You’re going to love this
  • Everything that is now on the market is stale. Aggressive pricing is a talent.
  • What is the next step for you?
  • What I heard you just ask me was…
  • So.. it saved me to like…
  • Let’s do this.. I don’t mind…
  • It appears to me…
  • Mitigate the variables
  • Level of financing provided dependent on debt servicing ability , debt to equity ratio and nature of the project
  • The only thing certain is uncertainty
  • I would submit to you that …
  • What I can do for you with the full understanding that …
  • That is an exceptionally valid point
  • Why do you want to know?
  • May you please tell me more about that?
  • May you please  help me understand what you mean?
  • Won’t that be great?
  • Aren’t you?
  • Shouldn’t you?
  • Wouldn’t it be fair to say that….?
  • Did you know?
  • If I showed you beyond a shadow of a doubt…?
  • Just to confirm…
  • Let me ask you…
  • Just so I could understand…
  • I’m curious …
  • May I ask you a question…?
  • If you had to guess…
  • What is your best guess?
  • May I tell you why I am concerned?
  • Do I have your permission to be totally up front with you?
  • Why do you suppose it is…?
  • How am I doing so far…?
  • Are we on the right track…?
  • How are you feeling about what we’ve discussed?
  • Why do you ask?
  • Where do you suppose…
  • Could you tell me more about that…
  • What is important to you about…
  • The experts are telling us that…
  • Statistics are indicating that…
  • I facilitate transactions. I don’t control the marketplace.
  • Can I make it very brief?
  • What price do you want to offer?
  • Great! Let’s get started shall we?
  • Are you ready to point to work?
  • My commission is not part of the arrangement
  • The buyers don’t have a lot of choices but they are being very selective
  • A substantive weakening is unlikely because factors such as steady employment growth, low interest rates and population gains will provide partly offsetting support
  • That is an obsolete argument
  • I trust so vs I hope so
  • We are in growth and expansion mode right now and we were wondering if you had any goals coming up in Real Estate.
  • I have investors that I work with that only work for to show the FSBO is…
  • I am glad that I reached you
  • Canadian Investment Corporation
  • Fundamental Distinction
  • Non-binding commitment
  • What are you looking forward to when you sell this home?
  • If that is what realization you have accepted then this is great progress
  • Whatever is honest makes sense and is logical 
  • I am willing to support you in your price however this is what you should know
  • Feel good, avoid future risks, or problems recognition, easier life achieve goals
  • As I recall…
  • It is not within my Corporate Protocol to do that
  • I am of the mindset that
  • experience plays a huge part in leveraging outcome
  • human nature shows us that most people prefer to receive information in a non threatening way
  • You have the option however not the obligation
  • last but by no means least
  • the fee can be an expense or it could be an opportunity
  • That is extremely non confrontational
  • You may not be prepared to sign but I came prepared for you to sign
  • Thank You. I appreciate that. You certainly encourage my heart. I want to tell you how grateful I am for the people that I work with because none of this would have happened without them
  • Thank You very much for sharing that with me. Telling me that is a real encouragement
  • I'm sorry. You might be right and I will certainly work on that in my life
  • Thank You very much. I will view this as an opportunity to grow in my Spiritual life
  • Listen to what is not being said. Hear what they don't expect you to. See what is not visible.
  • Homes sell themselves. Realtors bring about sales.
  • I am going to a Business Conference to learn how to do a Better job for my customers
  • We are a give back to the Community Company
  • Only you can decide if you want to sacrifice lifestyle for money
  • Affordability drives the Real Estate industry
  • I really want to help you and I thought of something that could be very beneficial for you
  • It is a responsibility to change your opinions with changing evidence
  • I do consider myself fairly astute intuitively
  • Peach is the acronym for what we cover under the home warranty plan
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Appliances
    • Cooling
    • Heating
  • We help you to build an internal web of perpetual consumption
  • In our marketing we seek to attract don't wanter sellers and really want to buyers
  • Summary of costs is what a Buyer and Seller receive prior to closing from a lawyer and Statement of Adjustments is what is received after closing
  • The expert knows more and more about less and less until he knows everything about nothing
  • This is not mandatory however it is encouraged
  • Interesting and odd but not surprising
  • This gives us a bigger platform to test headlines on a National Scale
  • Know the outcome and you will see the journey
  • History has proven that a true constant in this World is Change
  • That is not for me to say but rather for you to determine
  • Thank You for your friendship prayers generosity trust and encouragement
  • You have hit on a very important point
  • Listen to this in light of that
  • That is historical data not future reference
  • That is a very Unique privilege
  • That would be blatantly obvious to the most casual observer
  • We have confidence in our negotiating skills
  • Your success is my happiness
  • Circumventing the process will likely not lead to the result you are hoping for
  • This is a co operative endeavor agreement
  • Trust Jesus Christ as your personal savior.
  • Like attracts like.
Miscellaneous Reasons to Call List
  1. We just wanted to double-check our information.
  2. Just wanted to check to see if your plans had changed.
  3. Tom just sold another home this week - the market is active.
  4. Interest rates just went down again - thought you might like to know.
  5. Interest rates just went up again - thought you might like to know.
  6. Tom just had a record sales month - just wanted to keep you updated.
  7. Tom is working with buyers in your price range - when did you say you were selling?
  8. Just wanted to see if you had any real estate questions (prices, market conditions, interest rates) that Tom could answer.
Awareness Pre-suppositions
- become aware
- realize
- understand
- wonder
- look 
- discover
- experience
- find
- since
- aware
- imagine
- think
- feel
- see 
- know

Tempral (time) pre-suppositions
- start
- continue
- stop
- already
- begin
- always

Hot words
- You
- Your
- How
- New
- Who
- Money
- Now
- People
- Want
- Why
- Amazing
- Easy
- You
- Incredible
- Magic
- Quick
- Miracle
- Remarkable
- Revolutionary
- Sensational
- You
- Simple
- Startling
- Unbelievable
- Free
- Emergency
- You
- Secret
- Introducing
- Save
- Guarantee
- Today
- You
- How To
- Discover
- Shocking
- Revealed
- Truth
- Suddenly
- Announcing
- Important
- Preview
- You
- At Last
- Latest
- News
- Recent
- You
- Discovered
- Modern
- Novel
- Relief
- Finally
- Never Before
- Absolutely
- Certified
- You
- Honoured
- Proven
- Accepted
- Credited
- You
- Popular
- Recommended
- Approved
- Endorsed
- Positively
- Tested
- As Seen In
- Guaranteed
- You
- Proof
- Used By
- Fantastic
- You
- Rare
- Awesome
- Magical
- Uncommon
- Bizarre
- Miraculous
- Unique
- Eerie
- One-Of-A-Kind
- You
- Surprising
- Unusual
- Authentic
- Exclusive
- You
- Masterpiece
- Rare
- Beautiful
- Famous
- One-And-Only
- Selected
- Best
- Fine
- Original
- You
- Solid
- Better
- Genuine
- Priceless
- Terrific
- Crafted
- Hand Made
- Quality
- Valuable
- Distinctive
- Gorgeous
- You
- Sensuous
- Charming
- Exquisite
- Hollywood
- Sexy
- Classic
- Fascinating
- You
- Magnificent
- Stunning
- Colourful
- You
- Glamorous
- Movie Star
- Stylish
- Fast
- Exciting
- More
- Hot
- Huge
- Instantly
- You
- Immediately
- Little Known
- Powerful
- Reliable
- Sale
- You
- Smart
- Successful
- Unique
- Useful
- Valuable
- Want
- You
- Your
- How
- New
- Who
- Money
- Now
- People
- Want
- Why
- Amazing
- You
- Easy
- Incredible
- Magic
- Quick
- Miracle
- Remarkable
- Revolutionary
- You
- Sensational
- Simple
- Startling
- You
- Unbelievable
- Free
- Emergency
- Secret
- Introducing
- Save
- Guarantee
- Today
- You
- How To
- Discover
- Shocking
- You
- Revealed
- Truth
- Suddenly
- Announcing
- Important
- Preview
- At Last
- Latest 
- You
- News
- Recent
- Discovered
- Modern
- Novel
- Relief
- Finally
- Never Before
- You
- Absolutely
- Certified
- Honoured
- You
- Proven
- Accepted
- Credited
- Popular
- Recommended
- Approved
- Endorsed
- Positively
- You
- Tested
- As Seen In
- Guaranteed
- Proof
- Used By
- You
- Fantastic
- Rare
- Awesome

Consider the Following Dialogue Changes
Instead of … Would this Appeal To you? Try…

Commission —> Fee for Service
Cost or Price —> Total Investment
Down payment —> Initial Investment
Contract —> Paperwork
Buy —> Own
Sign —> Authorization / Approval Ok
Pitch —> Presentation
Problem —> Challenge
Objection —> Areas of Concern
Appointment —> Pop-By
Customer —> People We Serve

Questions that you should not be afraid to ask:
-What is it about this situation that makes you want to step back?
- What specifically about this house makes you feel it is not for your family?
- If you could buy this house for $10,000 less, would you?
- If you could buy this house without having to compete for it, would you? Even if there was a higher original asking price?
- What specifically about the buying process bothers you the most?
- If we go in with an offer and we don’t buy the house, are you okay with that?
- Is there a cost to you if we decide not to pursue this house?
- How do you see this playing out/coming about?
- How are you feeling about: this house… this idea… this plan?
- How much control do you feel you have over this situation?
- What specific options do you have available?
- Would it be helpful if we designed specific action steps?
- May I make a suggestion?
- What would you like to achieve? Are we moving toward that achievement?

Some Examples of Embedded Commands…
 - Sign the contract
 - Buy now 
 - Trust me
 - Accept this offer
 - List with me
 - Reduce your price
 - Sell this house
 - Do it
 - Decide now
 - Act now
 - Make a commitment
 - You like me
 - Feel at ease
 - Fee comfortable
 - Do what I say
 - Right now
 - Feel motivated
 - Get excited
 - Take action
 -Agree with me
 - Go for it
 - Convince yourself
 - Believe me
 - Get the results
 - List at my price
 - Extend  the listing
 -Get moving now
 - Come to my office
 - See me last
 - Sign this
 - Price it right
 - Help me
 - Clean your house
 - Listen to me
 - Call me
 - Buy this house
 - Lower the price
 - Accept  less
 - Say yes
 - Stop procrastinating
- Choose me

38. Obtain house plans, if applicable and available
39. Review house plans and make copy.
40. Prepare showing instructions for buyers’ sales representatives and agree on showing time window with seller.
41. Obtain current mortgage loan(s) information: companies and loan account numbers.
42. Verify current location information with lender(s)
43. Check assumability of loan(s)  and any special requirements.
44. Discuss possible buyer financing alternatives and options with seller.
45. Review current appraisal if available.
46. Identify condo Association Fees with the manager - mandatory or optional and current annual fee.
48. Oder copy of Condo Accociation by laws & Status Report, if applicable.
49.  Research electricity availability and supplier’s name and phone number.
50. Calculate average utility usage from last months of bills.
51 Research and verify city sewer/septic tank system.
52. Water System: Calculate average water fees or rates from last 12 months of bills.
53. Well Water: Confirm well status, depth and output from Well Report.
54. Natural Gas: Research/verify availability and supplier’s name and phone number.
55. Verify security system, current term of service and whether owned or leased.
56. Prepare detailed list of property amenities and assess market impact.
57. Prepare detailed list of property’s “Chatells and Fixtures with Sale”.
58. Compile list of completed repairs and maintenance items.
59. Send “Vacancy Checklist” to seller if property is vacant.
60. Explain benefits of Home Owner Warranty to seller - Weisleder insurance/warranty plans.
61. Have extra key made for lockbox.
62. Verify if property has rental units involved. And if so:
63.    - Make copies of all leases  for retention in listing file,
64.    - Verify all rents & Deposits,
65.    - Inform  tenants of listing and discuss how showings will be handled,
66. Arrange for installation of yard sign.
67. Assist seller with completion of Seller’s Disclosure form.
68. “New Listing Checklist” completed.
69. Review results of Curb Appeal Assessment with seller and provide suggestions to improve salability.
70. Review results of Interior Decor Assessment and suggest  changes to shorten time on market.

Entering Property in Multiple Listing Service Database
71. Prepare MLS Profile Sheet - Sales representative is responsible for “quality control” and accuracy of listing data.
72. Enter property data from Profile Sheet into MLS Listing Database.
73. Proof read MLS database listing for accuracy - including proper placement in mapping function.
74. Add property to company’s active Listing list.

Research sales activity for past 18 months from MLS and public records databases 
Research “Average Days on Market” for a property of this type, price range and location.
Download and review property tax roll information.
Prepare “Complete Market Analysis” (CMA) to establish fair market value
Obtain copy of subdivision plan.
Research property’s ownership & deed type.
Research property’s public record information for lot size & dimensions.
Research and verify legal description.
Research property’s current use and zoning.
Verify legal names of owner(s) in public property records.
Prepare listing presentation package with above materials.
Perform exterior “Curb Appeal Assessment” of subject property.
Compile and assemble formal file on property.
Confirm current public schools and explain impact of schools on market value.
Review listing appointment checklist to ensure all steps and actions have been completed.

Other Possibilities:
Monthly Payment —> Monthly Investment
Deal —> Opportunity
Close —> Engagement

We put our money where our principles are
I am not a specialist or an expert. Unless you say that about me. I am a student.
I am going to give you and outlandish example for the sole purpose of demonstration
We place our principles where our values are

Canada is a Mosaic
What they ultimately want is to be comfortably at home
Agency means that you have been placed in charge of the activity

Unique elements.
Associated value.
I am in the professional organization business.
That is aged inventory.
I want to gain a deeper understanding of your likes and dislikes.
We just need to be realistic about this and formulate a good conversation.
Let's talk this through.
We are a collaboration of specialist.
I'm told that...
Can you give me a hint...
I will give you the best options.
If you wouldn't be offended...
Would you be offended if...
It is an honor but it is not a necessity.
Your early reply is highly regarded.
I will hand-select some for you.
This is what I really hear you saying.
You are not obligated to accept anything at any time from anyone.
Quick career progression.
Over the course of the upcoming weeks and months.
What you might find valuable is.
Thank you for leveraging our information website.
We don't sell Real Estate we upgrade people's lifestyle
Home is the centre of the Universe and that is where lives are built made and changed and we have a hand in that
Leverage offers that sellers will not take in order to bring offers that they will
We report. You decide.
That is a contextual prediction
That is a high accuracy prediction
Just to be specific so that I am very clear.
People and process is our specialty.
Just out of an interest perspective, what is your opinion on the matter?
There is something else and I wanted you to hear it from me personally... it is about...
There is something I've got to tell you and its is going to be hard for you to hear so I need you to stick with me ok.
I urge you to...
Proprietary... special... hard to find... unique...
Describe that for me
Tell me
Help me understand
Emphasize the word daily and every day
I'll include...
What I hear you saying is...
When is a good time, days, evenings or weekends
In a very particular way we should...
Describe that for me
Tell me
Help me understand
The price people pay is a perception of value
This is a convenience fee
That is revisionous history
Notwithstanding everything you have just said...
I am very well Thank You and the better for your asking
The humility to know beyond any reasonable doubt that I know very little. If anything.
It is the last remaining lot in a registered plan of sub division
This is a collaborative co operative respectful integral honest effort
I would amend only one thing you said from my perspective
Notice if you will...
Everyone is in MLM it is either multi level marketing OR multi level management
Phase 1 environmental is a site visit. Phase 2 environmental is site testing and recommendations Phase 3 Environmental is site clean up
That is a fascinating dichotomy
That is devoid of any sense of reason
This is a speculative hypothesis
There are an infinite number of compounding and confounding variables
These 2 view points are diametrically opposed
It is my view that
We are not looking to lock you in. We are looking to help you in.
I am favorably inclined to do that
As you quite correctly point out...
Not much of a difference often makes a big one
You are doing this for yourself but not by yourself
I have been involved in several thousand client facing appointments and telephone conversations as it relates to Real Estate
For the purpose of this numerical example...
A sophisticated execution team
When Sellers have time they usually will not lose money
I am delighted to make it official
That need not be a laborious process
I understand where you are maybe feeling some frustration
I can't help but notice that you are still where you did not want to be
That is a function of economics
This is a pathway to create certainty
I am not certain that I know the answer completely and utterly
Allow me please to interpret that to see if I am processing this properly
Real Estate is an art not a Science
The Market Place is a moving carousel