Guaranteed Sold

We are so confident that if you sell your home with us, Mario Daniel Sconza & Partners, that we offer a WRITTEN guarantee. Say what? Yup, that’s right. We offer a guarantee in a world where there is typically so little certainty. It’s simple. We will sell your home at a price and deadline we both agree to or I will buy your home! What could be any easier than that?

Most sellers worry about what they will ultimately walk away with once it is all said and done. With us, that worry is eliminated through our unique guaranteed sale program. 

But, while the average agent invests less than $300 a month in marketing, we invest over $25,000 per month to find hundreds of qualified buyers each and every month. That is a fact, and we can prove it.

That huge marketing and economic advantage, combined with our first rate 129 Step VIP Seller Program, and other marketing innovations such as our 5 Day Blitz™, allow us to offer you the industry’s most aggressive written guarantee. 

And of course, you are never trapped in a contract with our team because we only do a day to day listing agreement that you can cancel at any time and for any reason, without penalty. That too goes right into your agreement in writing. 

Finally, a real estate team that puts its money where its mouth is. Call us today to see if your home qualifies for our Guaranteed Sale Program.*




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