Disposal Services

Rexdale Disposal Services
Mauro and Filiberto Rossi    Business:416-744-8114 Email:mauro@rexdaledisposal.com Visit:  www.RexdaleDisposal.com

Rexdale Disposal’s wide clientele ranges from the private to the public spheres. They offer residential collection bins, have serviced Oxford Properties Group for the past 33 years and work with over 2,000 customers on both residential and commercial accounts. Whatever criteria is used to evaluate a waste and recycling hauler, whether it be in the area of expertise, experience, price competitiveness, dedication, reliability or service Rexdale Disposal is prepared to meet all of your expectations.
Operating with a fleet of over 30 well maintained service trucks, Rexdale Disposal is prepared to handle any size job, promptly and efficiently. Our state-of-the-art radio equipment allows our dispatchers to communicate with drivers within seconds of service request - ensuring quick response time.

Computer Repair

SLS Consulting        
Carmen Rezza   
Direct: 416-277-1066  Email:

SLS Consulting provides you quality service in the following areas:
   * Destop and Laptop Out of Warranty Repairs * Virus & Worm Removal
   * Identity-Stealing Trojan Removal * Update your Anit-Virus & Anti-   Spyware
   * Clear Out Excess Temporary Files from Internet Surfing
   * Clean Out Dust and Grime Build
   * Update Window with the Latest Security Patches
   * De-Fragmentation of your hard drive for quicker access.
Commercial or ResidentialSLS Consulting is here to provide the customer with an affordable, reliable, and practical Computer Repair Solutions and Installments.


Marie Bell    Direct:(416) 993-1984
Keeping you on track!!!

Coffee Sale

Frank Cordi
Direct: 416-570-9566
Phone: 416-743-9400

Visit us online at cordobawellnesscoffee.com

Cordoba Wellness has created an innovative concept in coffee unlike any other specialty coffee available.  Our goal and vision was to create a coffee that combined organically grown beans with the added value of health benefits to all consumers.  We invite you to try any of our five health and wellness coffee brands.

Not just good coffee but coffee that's good for you

Legal Aid

Actual Legal Services
Adam Ridolfi    
Phone: 416-896-0396  Fax: 416-667-1446

Specializing in: *Summary Conviction (Criminal) Charges * High-Way Traffic Act *Provincial Offenses *Statutory Accident Benefits Claims-Automobile Injury *Personal Injury *Tribunal & Board Representation for UIC and Workers Compensation *Small Claims Court *Mediation *Divorce-Seperation in Conjuction with Lawyer

For all your Cuts of Meat-Butcher
Dan Liscio          
 Direct: 416-986-3201
For all your different cuts of meat. Always fresh!!


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