Domandi - Would

Life Manual... Domandi

Would I hire that person again today with who we are now
Would you be willing to deal with the responsibility of unpopular commitments
Should I believe what I am thinking right now
Would you pay me $100 in Simple interest to borrow $5000 if you knew it would save you $20,000 over time
Would you like to gain more customers and earn more money
Would you rather buy a home for 1,OOO,OOO and mortgage it at 4% or 700,000 and finance it at 11%
Would you find that helpful
Would it be ok with you if I provided a different perspective
Would you please kindly provide me permission to say what is required vs what you want me to hear
Would you allow me to share my heart with you
Would you consider yourself a kind person
Would you rather live with yourself as a liar or a failure
Would you enthusiastically re hire this person