Contribution to Society

I am an equal part of a community of people that can unite all four corners of the earth and relieve a lot of human suffering 

I get involved with the Knights of Columbus and do good works with them

I am involved in the plan to end world hunger

I am involved in the plan to provide clean drinking water to every person on the planet

I contribute to worthwhile causes

I help those in need

I invest time in the youth

I have started a foundation to leave a legacy called the Legacy House Foundation of Hope

I bring a message of hope and inspiration through faith in self to millions and billions of people around the globe

I help people to achieve communion with their higher self

I am a source of inspiration and valid information to all those that I meet and come into contact with daily

I am aggressively dedicated to my children growing into productive, caring, passionate adults

I am involved in drug prevention groups

I build a home for Habitat for Humanity