I AM Enough
I AM Smart Enough
I AM Wise Enough
I AM Clever Enough
I AM Resourceful Enough
I AM Able Enough
I AM Confident Enough
I AM Connected to Enough People to accomplish all of my heart’s desires
I have enough ideas to pull off magic and miracles
Enough is all I need
Enough is what I have
I have more than enough
I am a money magnet
I like money and money likes me and because of this       I am able to use it to help many people all around the world achieve communion with their highest selves
I attract money
I attract money 24 hours per day
I earn bountiful amounts of money
I wisely know how to create money
I know that I will always have more money in future than I do now
The money that I create keeps multiplying, duplicating and replenishing itself
I am forever enjoying more and more and more and more money
I have the use of infinite amounts of money- more tan enough for my every want and need
I cheerfully save money
I faithfully tithe 10% of all the money that I earn
I faithfully save 10% of all the money that I earn
I wisely invest my money
I see my money re-creating itself effortlessly
I cheerfully give money to good and worthy causes and philanthropies that make a lasting and ongoing difference
My estate is in perfect, updated order and will be a lasting legacy that makes an important and memorable difference
Money rushes to me in every form and fashion
I have lots and lots and lots of money
I have money in my mind, in my future, in my pocket, in my wallet, in my safe, in my bank accounts, in my business, in my investments, and wherever it keeps growing
I enjoy money and money enjoys me
Money an all its equivalents are attracted to me
Money is forever making me infinitely better off
All that I do creates surplus, abundance and plenty for myself, my family, and everyone else around me
I save plenty of money and I am a master of managing my money
I belong to my goals and dreams
I am getting richer by the second
I am committed to trail blazing and taking risk
I choose investments that are powerful and stable and new opportunities are always being introduced to me
I invest in and create cash assets
I love being financially independent. My investments make enough money so that I always have plenty of money and so do my children and grandchildren and so on and so on. I enjoy the freedom this brings to me and my family and I enjoy what I am able to do to assist in the betterment of all humanity as a result
I attract millionaire and billionaire mentors
I attract successful mentors, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, and in relationships
When I am ready- mentors appear and guide me to the success I desire
My mentors enjoy sharing with me their most important success secrets
I feel confident in my asking mentors for help and advice
My mentors intuitively know how to help me make the most important breakthroughs
I am able to learn from the relationship with my mentors exactly what I need to launch me towards the goals that I seek
My mentors enjoy the relationship they have with me
It is enthralling to be with individuals who possess the truth that I am seeking
My mentors willingly share, encourage, and coach me to experience and express my full genius, abilities, talents, and resources
My mentors see more in me than I see in myself
Their gentle, sequential guidance makes all the difference to my accomplishments
My mentors know how to bring out the best in me
I study my mentors up close and personal, whenever possible
I cheerfully apprentice and pay my dues to my “mentors” as they did with their “mentors”
I read, study, and apply all that they have written and all that they recommend which is for the greater good
I meet all my mentor’s friends, colleagues, and loved ones and make them part of my ever-growing million dollar rolodex, billion dollar rolodex
My life is made infinitely more meaningful with mentor-teachers who want to be in service to my greater growth and development
I catch my mentor’s passion for life and living fully and richly
I realize o one has ever achieved greatness who did not have mentors
I am willing to have great and inspiring mentors throughout my life
I am learning from my mentors how to be a mentor myself
I am prepared to mentor others when the opportunity presents itself
I attract my dream team
To become super successful, I attract the perfect dream team, with the right dream and the right team I know I can accomplish miracles
I enjoy working 4 days per week and earning 1 million dollars per month
I am aware of where I need to make improvements. I make the most of my strength and unique abilities. I attract people who are unique and strong where I need to make improvements. My dream team is composed of individuals who are dedicated to humanity. We are like-minded. We respect, depend on, and trust one another
I strengthen my strengths and I delegate my weaknesses.
My dream team has access to all the resources we need. The capital, the information, the markets, the insights and the contacts. We work together seamlessly with effortless effort.
I am supported. I feel supported from the top down and inside out because I positively and correctly support myself and others. All others lovingly, correctly, and completely support me. My life works. My life is full of miracles. I am a reverse paranoid. I expect everyone to benefit me. I savor my relationships, friendships and above all my family and my relationship with my Creator through his son Jesus Christ who was brought into this world so that I may be forgiven. My life keeps getting better all the time.
I am a multi millionaire
I think like a multi millionaire
I talk like a multi millionaire
I walk like a multi millionaire
I believe, feel, and act like a multi millionaire
Like a radio that is tuned to one frequency, I am tuned to the multi millionaires and billionaires frequency
I am a billionaire
I think like a billionaire
I talk like a billionaire
I walk like a billionaire
I believe, feel, and act like a billionaire
Like a radio that is tuned to one frequency, I am tuned to the billionaire’s frequency. It is more important for me to give rather than receive
I continually condition my mind to think rich, abundant, prosperous thoughts
I talk about the endless possibilities to all who will listen
I read what multi millionaires and multi billionaires rad
I soak up biographies and autobiographies of millionaires and billionaires and philanthropists
I drink in their wisdom, insights, and deep understandings
I think about creating valuable million dollar and billion dollar business enterprises during the day
I dream about them at night and take massive action
I enjoy creating multi million dollar and multi billion dollar enterprises
I am creating multiple millions, multiple billions indeed. Honestly, ethically, and morally
I am a wise steward over the money that I earn
I master money- money does not master me
I assist in the creation of 1000 millionaires in my lifetime
I am a stay at home billionaire
I love to serve. I realize that is the quantity and quality of my services rendered with a positive mental attitude that grants me unlimited, overflowing, ever-flowing compensation. I am constantly rendering increasingly better service. The better I serve, the more money I earn and the more service I can render.
I love challenges. I conquer my wealth building mountains with glee and joy in my heart. There is a banquet of prosperity ready and waiting for each of us. I cheerfully help others on their journey to wealthy, riches, and true spiritual abundance.
Being a multi millionaire and billionaire means I love the abundant, balanced life growing, serving, sharing, and learning
It’s great to be a multi millionaire and billionaire
I am a giver
In this life there are givers and there are takers
I am a giver
I love to give
Giving is my way of life
I give away my ideas to great causes that I care deeply about
I give my money where its needed, is wanted and can do enormous amounts of good
My giving always creates more
I inspire others to give and I love doing it, especially when nobody but me knows about it along with the Eternal Father
It is my subtle mission to give and motivate other people to give so that human dignity is re-created on spaceship earth.
Giving is God’s way
It is the way that I now understand is the truth of the universe
Giving multiples me and makes me feel complete and fulfilled
Giving is one of the main reasons that I enjoy being a multi millionaire and billionaire
Giving makes me feel that I make a real and important difference
I earn millions and billions of dollars in my lifetime
I save millions and billions of dollars in my lifetime
I invest millions and billions of dollars in my lifetime
I give millions and billions of dollars away in my lifetime
I attract multiple sources of income
I realize that I need more than one source of income
I choose newer and wiser financial paths of the time all the time
My wise financial path is called multiple sources of income
My first stream of income is my PSI- MY PRIMARY SOURCE of INCOME
I focus on my PSI until it is stable and almost permanent
I treat my Primary Source of Income with respect, love, care and delight
Then I add new MSI’s- Multiple Source of Income- one at a time
Each Multiple Source of Income is a joy to my heart
I create them in my mind and instantly record them on paper
Because I seek them- I find them. I find so many multiple sources of income- MSI- that I have to prioritize them. I schedule the launch of each MSI sequentially after writing a “WOW” of a business plan. I involved my dream team to help me pull together the resources to create a successful MSI- Multiple Streams of Income are pouring into my life from all over the world. I am under the spout where all good things pour out
I am in control of my weight, my finances and the cleanliness of my environment
I make good, smart, and spiritual family and business decisions every day
I eat healthy, nutritious, foods every day that fuel my spirit, mind, and body
I am a dependable, reliable person
I invest time, energy, and money positive, enthusiastic people daily
I do the right thing because it is the right thing to do
I eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts
I focus daily on solutions
I study people who have strong, great character daily and I live what I learn
I am a person who makes things happen
I expand my mind daily
I am my own best friend
It is more important for me to give than to receive. Giving starts the receiving process
Everyday I look for the good in myself and other people
When in doubt- I always tell the truth
Everyday I am the best that I can be
I invest my time and energy on self inspection and self improvement
I tell the truth even when it doesn’t matter
I believe that truth is the discovery of reality
I am a calm, relaxed person
I am a person of good character and reputation
My standards are very high
I have respect for other people
I am a polite and considerate person
I am strong and I will prevail
I am in total control of my results. Through Christ all things are possible
I respect myself and I respect others- Respect for myself will ignite respect from others
I have great self respect
I develop friendships easily
I devote portions of everyday to prayer, thought, and study
I am every good at managing myself and imaging my highest self
I accept full responsibility for my actions
Each day I look for new ideas to improve my performance
I accept full responsibility for all of my outcomes through my actions
I am highly paid because of the services that I offer
Everyday I work to be a great example for my children to emulate
Everyday I recognize the contribution of other people
I am humble, decent, intelligent, wise
I am a voice for the voiceless
I can be counted on to make people laugh- even amidst the most painful of circumstances
I give my best to the world everyday
I set very high standards and I strive for those standards daily
I treat people with respect
My actions cause confidence in other people
Everyday I take advantage of opportunities
I have determination and the will to succeed
Everyday I inspire others to do better
I gain strength and knowledge daily by working to move up
I always do more than is necessary
Taking action brings me results
Everyday I just do what I have to do
I always anticipate the needs of other people
I look everyday for ways to do things better and better and better and I implement what I learn
Each day I look for ways to make my assets grow and they do because I take massive, focused action
Everyday I prepare for my future by living today to the fullest and leaving tomorrow alone until it arrives
I make decisions based on fairness
Each day I make decisions based on logic and reason
Everyday I become the best person possible
Everyday I find success in what I do
Today I am going to do more than what I am paid for
I do it NOW
I complete every task I start
My concentration daily is on the positive
My attitudes, approaches, expectations, and my actions are always positive
My purpose in life is to help others achieve communion with their highest self
I rise to the challenges of each day
Today I am investing in my future
Today I am going to recognize the achievements and accomplishments of others
I am in control of my destiny through my thoughts and actions
I love my job
I understand why others do what they try to do
I am very aware of the great source of power within me and I nourish the source so together we can do great things
I am the kind of person I would love to have as a great friend
I choose my friends carefully
I am the master of my destiny with the gift of choice that has been granted to me by the Father Almighty
I always make the extra call
I am a good, decent, honest, considerate person
I finish everything that I start- I am committed to completion
I keep my mind focused on my goals, dreams, and visions
I set high, lofty goals
I build upon my success everyday
I am great at asking questions
I am a what can I do for you person
I am a happy, healthy, productive person
I enjoy tremendous energy
I find new and better ways every single day
Failure is an important part of the success of my day
My body becomes stronger and more energetic as I age gracefully
I associate with highly productive, happy, positive people everyday
My intentions are specific and precise
Everyday I get exactly what I deserve- I will get out of life a proportionate amount of what I put into it
I can accomplish anything I set out to do
I gain the respect of others though my actions
My goals are based upon doing the right things for my family, friends, colleagues, and myself
My customers recognize I am a great salesperson
I set short term and long term goals
I build people up every single day
I pay the price daily
Obstacles are my opportunities
I remove all limits as they arise
I know exactly what I want from life
I am willing to sacrifice for what I expect to receive
I have definite goals in my life
I have fun everyday
Everyday I learn something new
Everyday I am getting closer to my goals
I create my own opportunities
Today’s activities are helping me to achieve my goals
I do the most difficult things first
I work efficiently
I work effectively
I am a rich person mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially and above all in my relationships with Christ- the path to the Father Almighty, family and friends
Today I am moving quickly towards my goals
My mind is full of positive, productive thoughts
My mind is a fertile garden
I extend myself everyday
I accept the help of others
Today I will extend kind words to others
I lead a very good clean life
I live my dreams NOW
I exhibit the strength of character to overcome any and all adversaries
I improve a lot everyday
I grow healthy and wealthy by thinking
I laugh a lot
I teach my children well
I foster positive emotions
I make clear, concise, and definite decisions
I expect success. I do not desire what I do not expect and I do not expect what I do not desire
I learn something of value from all of my experiences
I know all tings are possible to those that believe
I channel my anger to achieve success
I can overcome any obstacle with the power of my mind
I am aware of my mind, body, spirit connection
I focus my energy on positive thoughts and actions
I know that adversity is the beginning of all success
I am a role model for others
I act when actions are needed
I have released my attachment to the past. The past doesn’t equal the future
I maintain a positive attitude at all times
I affirm my beliefs every day
I see and feel my goals as already having been accomplished
I plan and I organize myself daily
I continually establish habits of success
I listen for and I follow my intuition
I become more and more successful at everything I do
I comminute with empathy
I save and I invest my time, energy, and money wisely
I only take the good from each experience and I let the rest go
I willingly accept challenges
I clearly assess the price of realizing my dreams
I am very mindful of my physical health
I expand the powers of my sub-conscious mind everyday
I inspire my imagination with enthusiasm
I am an enthusiastic person
I am a very energetic person
I define my own success
I am persistent in my beliefs and in my actions
I have clearly defined, written goals
I accomplish my goals with the benefit of others in mind
I practice the characteristic of leadership everyday
I courageously improve my mental health every single day
I am a great prospector
I list past clients, centres of influence, referrals, for sale by owners, expired listings, sign calls and internet leads, agent referrals, advertising, marketing and branding everyday to listings and buyer agency contracts as well as many other sources. The more listings I take on the more people I am privileged to serve
I am the type of person that knows when it is summer and when it is winter. In times of summer add 20% to savings and I stay diligent. In times of winter I save 10% and manifest spring
I live beneath my means
Everyday I call loves talking to me and I to them
I am a great pre-qualifier
I make strong, effective presentations everyday
People want to sign contracts with me
I handle objections (area of concerns) very well
I am a goal achiever
When I negotiate people happily sign contracts
I confront difficult situations in a relaxed, confident manner
I exercise daily for physical and emotional health
I manage my time, skills and energy effectively and efficiently
I see myself winning BIG
I constantly work to elevate my self-image
I believe in me
I believe in what I think
I am interesting
I am happy
I have a powerful, charismatic personality
I do whatever is necessary to develop my spirit, mind, and body everyday in every way
I eat nutritiously
My mind acts on healthy information
I am free of stress and depression
I deserve to excel
People love me and I love and adore people
I know my strengths and I use my strengths and I know my weaknesses and I delegate my weaknesses
I get things done
I am successful because I get things done
My mind gives me information to help me get things done whenever I ask
I am completely free from the bondage of alcohol and drugs and medicines. I am a naturalist
I overcome all challenges
I use the power of my mind to enhance my position in life
I surround myself with positive, successful energy
I can and I will
I am unstoppable
I am tenacious
I am unyielding
I don’t sanction incompetence
I love to work smart
I love prospecting and following up and I do so with enthusiasm
I am a great listener. I listen carefully, especially when I am not expected to
I listen when I prospect
I am a great Real Estate Broker
I earn $1 000 000 per month
I invest all of my time being happy and grateful
I love prospecting so I do it every day
I focus on qualifying prospects
I listen for motivation
I hear my prospects motivation and I hear what they are not saying but communicating none the less
I ask intelligent questions and receive intelligent answers
I use response patterns
I give my prospects approval
My prospects love me and I love them
I enjoy and look forward to making the first call of the day
I prospect with intensity
I prospect with passion
I am a great listener
I love prospecting- SO I DO IT every day
I manage my time, skills, and energy effectively and efficiently
I feel comfortable and confident under pressure
I am a high achiever
I am the master of ease
I see myself as a winner
I constantly work to elevate my self image
I believe in what I think
I have total confidence in myself and my abilities
My mind has unlimited potential
My attitude is always positive
I have a powerful personality
I eat nutritiously
I love myself
I meet with someone who can sign a contract every single day
I find more people who can sign a contact in the next 1-2 days every single day
I make high quality great expectation contracts every day
I desire to excel
I am decisive
I take great care of my mind, body, and spirit